A global approach to the sustainable use of building services

A method developed by Interface that helps you apply ecological and social transition regulations. It is also a lever for obtaining certifications and labels.

The approach also meets the well-being and nutrition requirements of your employees and accelerates the ecological and social transition in your sector.


Perma allows you to reduce your energy consumption
impact carbone jusqu'à 40% en 1 an

40 000

This is the number of meals distributed since 2018 through a partnership between Perma and the Missing Link.

2kg CO2/meal

These are the carbon savings achieved by a Perma labeled restaurant.


These are the water savings achieved by a Perma labeled restaurant.


The Perma method is based on 3 solutions

01. Transition

Our Transition solution supports you in defining your CSR strategy at the outset of a project.

02. Impulsion

Through the Impulsion offer, we transform your sustainable commitments into concrete and operational actions through the deployment of CSR governance on site.

03. Sobriety

Perma provides you with a tool for evaluating the eco-responsible commitment of your service providers.

5 fundamental pillars: responsible food, inclusion, waste management, energy efficiency, governance and communication.


Perma is inspired by the values of ethics, sobriety and sharing in permaculture

Permaculture is an ethical approach that aims to take care of the Earth, living beings and fairly share natural resources.

It is also an agricultural method that integrates a diversity of species that respond to each other and create wealth for the soil.

And just like permaculture, Perma creates an ecosystem of services that complement and develop within the same sustainable approach. In a logic of inclusiveness, Perma also promotes the integration of people far from work, to reveal their potential and skills.

By making this diversity a strength, the approach aims to integrate all the services of a building, within the same vision of committed operation.


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