Atome, une résidence comme lieu de travail

Primonial REIM France
Office building

Another vision

The project imagined by the Interface teams aimed, through an innovative approach, to make the Atome building a vision of the future where meaning, flexibility, modernity and comfort are at the heart of every aspect of the daily life of its residents.

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Redefinition of residential codes

A space redesigned by the Interface teams to reflect and adopt the codes of its environment: a residential neighborhood. A place designed to offer real living spaces, designed in detail to offer a unique experience: The House.

The “The House” concept represents the desired positioning for Atome and is structured around five fundamental pillars:

  • Hospitality: for a warm welcome and quality services.
  • Opening: the openness of spaces, the porosity between interiors and exteriors, for a feeling of space and freedom.
  • Unique: to offer a unique experience to each resident.
  • Sustainable: a sustainable space, from the choice of materials to the proposed kitchen
  • Elegant: in the decor as well as in the services offered
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Focused on Meaning, Flexibility, Modernity and Comfort

A place designed to meet the needs of residents looking for: Meaning: a balance between professional and private life, as well as concrete commitments to sustainable development. Transparency, diversity, and inclusion are also essential values, as is a sense of belonging to a united community.

Flexibility: being able to evolve in different work environments according to their needs: collaborative workspaces or productive isolation spaces. As for service spaces, they can easily be converted into workstations.

Modernity and Comfort: human-centered dining spaces, decorative treatment inspired by hotel and residential codes, living spaces integrating residential comfort elements, and a variety of services focused on well-being, on a human scale.

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