Primonial REIM France
Office building

An Inspiring Metamorphosis

Interface Group is proud to announce the successful delivery of the development project for the Noda building in Issy-les-Moulineaux. In collaboration with Primonial REIM France, we transformed this base into a vibrant space, encompassing a welcoming lobby, innovative meeting spaces, and flexible coworking. This redesigned set breathes life, creating a place that is often left in the shadows.

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Vitality at the Base

Focused on the vitality of the base, our approach has focused on flexibility and agility. The meeting spaces are equipped with modular furniture to adapt to different configurations. Coworking, on the other hand, offers exceptional versatility, adjustable into a more intimate space according to needs.

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Biophilia for a Healthy Environment

In our approach, we chose to green the entire lot, from meeting spaces to common areas, including coworking. Biophilia is at the heart of our design, considered to be an essential element in creating a healthy and efficient work environment.

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Spaces adapted to changing needs

In summary, Interface Group has created spaces that adapt to changing user needs. Flexibility and openness are at the heart of our approach, essential for creating a sustainable work environment. The programming of services, support in the selection of operators, as well as the design and construction of spaces, are all facets of our expertise that contributed to the success of this unique project, signed by Interface Group.

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