Thémis, l’incarnation physique et responsable du futur du travail

AG2R La Mondiale
Paris 17
Office building

Redevelop the space and make it an adaptable place, embodying a vision of the future of work and its environment

Freshly labeled E+ C-, the Themis building is writing a new chapter in the history of the working environment in France. It becomes the first tertiary building to receive this renowned environmental distinction. This distinction brings to life an innovative vision of planning and sustainability in the professional world.

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Friendly, Sustainable, Flexible and Responsible Symphony

Anchored in the values of conviviality, sustainability, flexibility and responsibility, the Themis ground floor renovation project imagined by Interface transforms this space into an iconic and innovative place, in harmony with the evolution of current needs and norms. In order to bring coherence to the entire project, the Interface teams wanted to highlight these essential values in the various spaces, designed to adapt to the seasons, events and actions that take place there.

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A destination in its own right

Le Bar Coffee Convivial: a place of conviviality, this coffee bar is a central point where the programming is multiple. Open all day, it is also ready to host various seasonal events, encouraging the interaction and development of the Themis community.

The Sustainable Lab: this space dedicated to experience and learning is a real sustainability laboratory. It offers cooking classes, composting sessions and solidarity workshops to transmit good practices and encourage ecological awareness.

The Flexible Forum: the forum is the vibrant heart of Themis, dedicated to activities and exchanges. It houses a shared seating area for discussions and conferences, while the media wall provides a medium for displaying information and programming the building, promoting versatility in the use of space.

Responsible Boxes: boxes are flexible spaces designed to meet the diverse needs of a dynamic building. Users can book them for informal meetings, team projects, brainstorming sessions, etc. Outside of reservation hours, they are accessible for spontaneous use, thus promoting responsibility and efficiency in the use of the shared space.

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Bold thinking

Themis's bold redevelopment initiative embodies the vision of the future of work and its environment. Here, conviviality, sustainability, flexibility and responsibility are at the heart of each initiative, offering users an inspiring and adaptable space. AG2R LA MONDIALE and its collective of partners, including ORFEO Développement, ATYS ENGINEERING, DMOX, CDB and Interface, are proud of this achievement, which redefines tertiary spaces to meet the constantly evolving needs of users, while preserving the environment.The transformation of Themis is a model for the sector, showing the way to a more friendly and responsible professional future.

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