Factory, la flexibilité au coeur du projet

AG2R La Mondiale
Office building

Flexible location in line with changing working methods

To achieve the desired result, it was necessary to redefine workspaces and push the boundaries of flexibility by offering spaces that fulfill several roles at the same time. The Interface teams have thus designed a space where agility is more than present.

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Versatility and openness

The hall stands out as the centerpiece of the Factory experience. A warm and relaxed welcome space, it is structured around an open central counter, visually connected to the coffee shop. Some of the furniture in these two spaces came from reuse, underlining the commitment to sustainability, and the concept of home staging made it possible to reorganize the place to promote art and women in art.

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Groceries & good times

The restaurant in the Factory building is designed to resemble a shop/grocery store, offering a “healthy” fast-food concept. Located at the heart of the ground floor, it infuses a modern, relaxed and friendly atmosphere into all spaces.

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Breath of fresh air

The corridors act as a bridge between floors, a hanging garden, a place for exchanges and a workspace, to create an environment that stimulates performance and creativity.

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